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ERF are delighted to be part of the Member Society network of  WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals). WSPA review all memberships on an annual basis and have very kindly waived the membership fee for ERF for this coming year. The network is an international force that influences local decision makers and governments alike focussing on positive changes for animals worldwide.

The WSPA Member Society Network is the largest international alliance of animal welfare organisations in the world, with more than 900 member societies in over 150 countries.

ERF are very proud to be associated with WSPA and would like to publically thank them for their all their support and assistance over the past year.


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Every year, 100,000 horses are transported across Europe for slaughter.
These cruel and barbaric journeys have to be stopped. There is no reason for this live transport to continue when horses can be slaughtered at source and transported as carcasses.
It is totally unneccessary for horses to leave France alive to be slaughtered in other EU countries. In France alone there are 111 abattoirs approved to slaughter horses.

It is extremely urgent we contact our MEPs before the 21st January to ask them to sign the Written Declaration 54/2009.

If more than half of all MEPs sign this before 21st January 2010, we will be one step closer to ending these brutal and hugely inappropriate journeys.

If less than half of the MEPs support the Declaration it will fail, weakening the case for new laws ending the long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter in the European Union.

Please take a few minutes to write to your MEPs so we can end these needless long haul journeys of horses to slaughter. We have downloadable copies of the letter in both French and English.

It’s so simple………in the link below go to your region, find the MEPs for your area, click on the email address, copy and paste the relevant language document from the Word Documents below, sign as yourself, and SEND!

Please do this, your effort could be the difference that changes an opinion, and the future for these horses.

To find your MEP in Europe, go to this LINK, click on your country and then your region.

MEP letter French

MEP letter UK

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Next Sunday (St Francis day) is World Animal Day or in French, Journée Mondiale des animaux, a day to celebrate animals and the relationships us humans have with them. Events are hosted throughout the world in recognition of animals, how they enrich our lives and most importantly what we can do to help them. Have a look on the WAD website to see if there is an event happening near you. It is also a day when villages and towns throughout the world hold ‘animal blessing’ services.


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Yesterday, World Horse Welfare submitted a dossier to the European Commission requesting laws be tightened up that govern the live transport of horses going to slaughter. (more…)

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WSPA come to visit

Yesterday we were very happy to welcome WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) to ERF HQ. Kerenza and Maggie came to understand more about what we are trying to do, and what we have achieved so far, in order to assess our suitability to become a member society of WSPA. We had an action packed meeting with lots of input from both sides, and are very hopeful that at the upcoming affiliate meeting we will be accepted. If we are, we will be able to call on an international network of welfare organisations, as well as participate in training and development opportunities offered by WSPA.

Currently there are 9 member societies in France but none focus on equine welfare.

The next WSPA campaign being developed is to campaign against the long haul transport of equines from Spain to Italy via France – an issue close to our hearts.

We’d like to say thank you to Kerenza and Maggie for coming such a long way to visit us – we found it an interesting and positive meeting and hope that they did too.



L to R: Trina (ERF), Kathryn (ERF), Kerenza (WSPA), Maggie (WSPA)

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Join in the campaign now!

Did you know Australia is the world leader in the cruel industry of live exports?

The Handle with Care coalition is an international alliance of 10 leading animal welfare organisations (led by the World Society for the Protection of Animals) which opposes the cruelty and suffering caused to millions of animals around the world by transporting them unnecessarily long distances just to be slaughtered.

The coalition has been calling for the Australian Government to ban live exports, most urgently the live export of sheep to the Middle East, a staggering 35 day journey, and to replace this cruel and unnecessary trade with a trade in chilled and frozen meat from animals that have been humanely transported and slaughtered in Australia.


Write to the Australian Ambassador to France….all you have to do is print this letter, sign and send.

Thank you


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