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Desperately seeking….

We’re desperately seeking new Guardians. Rentrée has arrived here in France and we need to find some new homes for 3 pairs of gorgeous donkeys. We have deadlines for all of them – so please help us to find them new loving homes.

First up, we have Coco & Roma, two brothers who have been handled since birth. They are both gelded and very friendly, we’ve known them for 3 years and even have one of their brothers in our own equine family. Unfortunately, their current owners have had to return to the UK following a change in circumstances and so we need to find them a home quickly. They can be seen in the Charente (16) where they are currently being looked after. They are both in good health and have had no welfare issues, always having been part of families and whilst they have not been backed, they are both suitable for riding and/or driving in the future.

These photos were taken on a very rainy day, so they are looking rather sorry for themselves….

Next up are Manon & Rowan – Manon was a broodmare in the meat trade and was purchased by a kind hearted supporter when she was left at the end of a meat fair after she had seen her long term partner and latest foal loaded onto a lorry destined for Italy. Manon was pregnant with her eighth foal, Rowan, at the time. Rowan was born a month ago and is a stunning little foal and has been handled since birth. However, they cannot stay where they are and so we need to find them a home where they can live out their days away from the threat of the meat lorry. Rowan will need to be gelded as soon as he is old enough but they are both in good health and well-handled. They can be seen in the Lot (Dept 46).

And last but by no means least are our very own Wilbur and Piona who many of you will remember from back in 2008. They were welcomed into a wonderful home in the north of France who have now been hit by some unexpected circumstances and can no longer offer a longterm home to the pair. Piona is 75% Baudet de Poitou and is in the ‘B’ Studbook. She has always been with a loving family and adores nothing more than standing and being loved by all around! Wilbur on the other hand was rescued after being abandoned in a barn for 6 months. He had the worst feet we have ever seen and took many months to rehabilitate – you can see a video of him on the right. Given his background, it takes Wilbur longer to trust new families and he is wary of new people. Having spent a lot of time with Wilbur during his recovery, I can confirm that once he is able to trust, he is a lovely donkey and full of character. Both Wilbur and Piona are large donkeys and can be visited in Normandy by appointment.

Piona (L) and Wilbur(R)

How much do we love each other...?

Please help us find homes for these donkeys by sharing this blog with your friends. Somewhere there are new homes waiting for all these donkeys.


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Our gorgeous pair of donkeys, Wilbur and Piona, have settled  into their new life up in Normandy with adopters Liz & Sue. These are two very lucky donkeys who are enjoying being loved and pampered, a lifetime away from the dreadful life we rescued Wilbur from last year.

We were delighted to receive some photos through today of the pair proudly showing off their new home!

You can see the video of Wibur’s arrival at ERF on the right of your screen.

Piona (L) and Wilbur(R)

Piona (L) and Wilbur(R)

How much do we love each other...?

How much do we love each other...?

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W&P 004

Today we said an emotional goodbye to ERF rescues, Wilbur & Piona as we waved them off on their travels to live with their new adoptive family in Calvados. We will update soon with news on how they are getting along but apparently they are already melting peoples hearts up there!

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We are looking for a foster home for Wilbur and Piona whilst a permanent adoption home is found. They are both lovely donkeys and sociable with people. The foster home must have some form of shelter in the field, as they live out all the time.

For more details please contact us here

Best friends that need a home..

Best friends that need a home..

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Wilbur & Piona are still looking for a loving, experienced home where they can live together forever..


We are also looking for permanent homes for donkeys ‘Maddie & foal’ and ‘Balto & Jenna’.

Please contact us us if you are considering offering a home to donkeys.

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Firstly, we were delighted to receive some great photos of Nanette in her home in the Limousin. If you can remember back to June when we first rescued Nanette,  you’ll recall the terrible curled up feet that prevented her from being able to walk very far and how malnourished she was.Four months on and Nanette is like a different donkey. We are very grateful to the guardians that take on our equines, especially those that have specific care needs.As you can see from the photos, Nanette has certainly made herself at home and a part of the family!

"Is tea ready mum?" 

On a not so happy note, Piona and Wilbur now have matching bandaged hooves! When we rescued Wilbur he also had turned up hooves like Nanette. The long term neglect of his feet had led to the hoof growing underneath the sole of his foot, and when the farrier trimmed his feet this week he noticed a bruise on the sole although he hadn’t been lame.

Piona has suffered from a recurrent unsoundness in a front foot since we got her. This has now been detected as ‘champignon’, or as we would say a ‘fungal infection’ in the foot. She has been prescribed a solution that is poured into the site of the fungus which will hopefully now kill off the persistant bad bacteria.

Both donkeys will be fine within no time and have become very close to each other since we put them in the same field.

We would love them to find a home together, if not they will have to be parted and found individual homes.

Would you be interested in giving this lovable pair a new home? If so please contact us at admin@equinerescuefrance.org or have a look on our rehoming page of the website to see all our equines needing new families.

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Feet part 2

The pictures pretty much say it all! Jim came back to work on Wilbur’s hind feet and to start Nanette’s treatment. Thankfully for everyone concerned it was a cooler day. Wilbur was dosed with Quadrisol but still found the whole experience difficult, whereas Nanette couldn’t have been calmer – as long as she had food on hand she was completely relaxed.
Wilbur before:
Wilbur hind          Wilbur fore
Wilbur hind and fore when we first rescued him

 And now….

Wilbur after

 And here’s Nanette;

The hoof had curled all the way under her foot and had to be carefully trimmed back to reveal her sole….
Nanette- underneath of hoof beforeNanette - underneath after 

Nanette hind and fore after:Nanette - hind after

Nanette front after 


Both donkeys will require regular and careful trimming for several months but we are all hopeful that the hooves will begin to grow back normally.

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