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On 16th February 2010,  a helpless donkey will be dragged onto the streets of Villanueva, Spain to make him participate in a ritual that makes him suffer, where he is ill treated and he endures an unnatural and cruel treatment.

Law 5/2002 from the Animal Protection Act of Extremadura forbids these practices that, regretfully, are still carried out with the Council’s complicity and the silence of the Extremaduran Government and the regional press, that hides from the public eye the true nature of this ritual.

Spanish donkey Sanctuary El Refugio del Burrito, along with other welfare groups worldwide want this Law to be enforced.

The law is supposed to prohibit the use of animals in shows, fights, popular celebrations and any other activities which may imply cruelty or ill treatment or make them the objective of unnatural treatment.  All of these cases happen during the Corrida de Elecciones ritual and it is an obligation of the Council’s to enforce this prohibition.

Please sign this online petition to protect the Peropalo Donkey, which will be handed in the Government headquarters in a demonstration that will take place in Merida at the beginning of February.

More information can be found here:

El Refugio del Burrito

Pero Palo


Telegraph article


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Various people have been enquiring about the latest news on the Trakehner horses in Spain.

Our latest information suggests the situation is Spain is as heartbreaking and frustrating as ever. The horses are still with Suzy Jenkins and the Spanish authorities are apparently not being helpful.

Unconfirmed reports are that more horses have died, with the death toll to date exceeding 20.

The CACMA have been refused permission to deliver food to the horses. We are however led to believe Jenkins is feeding them. Unfortunately we have no information as to whether or not the quantities they are receiving is sufficient.

The UK Spanish Appeal fund still needs to raise as much money as possible. Once the horses are finally released the costs will be used directly for vets, farriers, dentist and food. All monies collected in the account will be sent to Spain where it will only go directly to help the horses. It will not be spent on Admin or legal fees.

The horses are still in very poor condition and too weak to endure a journey of any length. 

On a positive note, there are many offers of local help in Spain to take horses as soon as they are freed. This will allow these poor animals the time to build up their strength for the journey back to the UK. The response of offers to rehome horses in UK has been overwhelming, as have the offers of stopover or short term accommodation in France, to break the journey and allow them to rest.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the future progress on the case is positive.




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