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Today we were out on the road collecting 2 equines thats have come into ERF’s care. Princesse is a little grey pony who suffers from arthritis so is not able to be used as a riding pony any more. Her owners contacted ERF after hearing about us from a friend of theirs, who happened to be  Ossie’s old owner. As chance had it, Ossie’s new adopter was looking for a companion for Ossie and so agreed to adopt Princesse from us as well. Both Ossie and Princesse have the most wonderful temperaments and are so good around the children. I think we now have a love affair going between these two ponies and next week they’ll be moved to their new home, a stones throw from the field where they currently are at Trinas.

Princesse (right) with her new companion Ossie

Princesse (right) with her new companion Ossie

Our other new arrival is yearling donkey Gucci, who was very lonely after her owners bought her as a pet from a local market and contacted ERF realising that she needed donkeys friends. We may have somebody coming to view her this week so fingers crossed she’ll get a nice new home soon with some donkey company that she’s so desperate for.

Beautiful little Gucci!

Beautiful little Gucci!


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Gazza has now started some gentle work with us. Starting off with long reining in the round pen, then we progressed to a wander round the orchard…

25junegazza 002 (more…)

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ERF were contacted several months ago by the owner of this horse after he had received a terrible injury to his leg that would not repair. A small fortune was spent on vet’s fees by the owner trying to repair the leg. Unfortunately, the healing process had reached a stalemate and whilst still under veterinary supervision the wound continued to develop proud flesh. He twice had to have this all cut off under local anaesthetic, very distressing for both the horse and his owner. Understandably she was very worried about it happening again, as she did not want to put her beloved horse through even more stress and pain. Unfortunately, the vet could not advise her on a course of treatment to prevent the reoccurrence of the granulation. There is an article here explaining about proud flesh and how you can try and prevent it.

With difficult personal circumstances to contend with as well, the owner contacted us at ERF, asking for help. She had almost decided to have him put to sleep, as she felt it unfair for him to be in continual pain, and on continual box rest, with occasional limited turnout in a very small muddy walled area.
We advised on a course of treatment for the wound, and within a few weeks the wound had started to improve.
Jenny from ERF went out to visit him about a month ago, and assessed the wound and his mobility. At the time of injury, the vet had told her the tendons were severed, and that he would never be sound, let alone rideable. After seeing him walked about, he seemed stiff, but had good use of the limb.

This week, he was collected by Trina of ERF and took to Jennys yard in the Dordogne where he will be cared for until he is ready to go out to a guardian under our adoption scheme.

As you can see, he is a beautiful well bred horse with a kind disposition, and at 10 yrs old has a future ahead of him when he is sound.

Here he is today, turned out in the temporary isolation paddock and enjoying himself…


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We’ve listed a few equine websites here that may be useful rescources for those of you in France:

The main horse body in France that deal with registrations amongst other things – Les Haras Nationaux

If you intend to compete- Fédération Française d’Equitation

The French national school of equitation- Cadre Noir de Saumur

Website with forum and info on all things Equestrian – 1cheval

French equestrian insurers – Assurance Cavalassur

The French state veterinary service – DDSV’s

Horse Trailers- Ifor Williams France

Equine online store – PADD

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ERF would like to invite all their current members to the Annual General Meeting,which will be held on Friday April24th at Les Beaux, 16420, Saulgond.

Full details can be found on our website here. Please let us know if you intend to come along by the 17th April.

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Charity Vide Grenier

in aid of Equine Rescue France & Medecins sans Frontieres

To be held at Moulin du Lary, 17270, Cercoux

Saturday 2nd May 2-6pm

A great fun day out for all the family with refreshments available on the day

Pitches to be reserved by April 31st by contacting Christina on 05 46 04 91 77 or chris.hernon@aliceadsl.fr

ERF would like to thank  Christina (our chief fundraiser!) and also Mr Knox-Johnston for the use of his beautiful property for the day.

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Please come along and support what will be a great day out for all the family.Entries for the competitions close May 20th.

If you would like to book a free pitch for your business or if you can donate a raffle prize please get in touch on 0545 300616.

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