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Pastures being the appropriate word, the boys could hardly believe their luck when they were turned out into their new field full of grass!

On the journey to their new home with John and Carolyn, Leo was very stressy and didn’t travel well causing Corrie to become somewhat wound up too. We safely managed their ‘enthusiasm’ to leave the trailer (!), and after a cursory glance at their surroundings and a quick explore of their field and barn, they both settled to eat.

It’s wonderful to see them in such fantastic surroundings, but it was a wrench to leave them there. It’s impossible to not become attached to horses even though I know their time with me will end when they find their forever homes. I’m sure I’ll miss them far more than they’ll miss me though!


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Yesterday we moved Gucci the yearling donkey to her new adoptive family near Bellac, where she is to be companion to another lonely donkey, Phebus. We were thrilled that she found a home so quickly after coming into our care as she had been yearning for a donkey friend for some time with her previous owner. Not only did she get a new home yesterday,  Gucci also got a new name and is now called Brandy (after the Cognac region where she lived).

Phebus heard her braying from the trailer and could hardly wait to see what was going to come off…

"Could it be ........a donkey for me??"

"Could it be ........a donkey for me??"


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Balto & Jenna were due to go to their new adoptive home yesterday, sadly it all fell through for them and so they still search for a loving home. Balto is a gelding and Jenna a female. They must be rehomed together as they are life-long friends. More details on the can be found here.


Also still looking for a family to love them  are Wilbur and Piona  (male & female donkeys) and Mimi (mule). All details can be found on the re-homing page of our website or please contact us for more details.

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Maddie is a beautiful part Baudet type donkey (but not in a stud book) of 2 yrs old and she has a 4 month old foal. They come for food but have not been regularly handled so will need patient handling. Maddie is microchipped and vaccinated. Beause of the foals age we would like to find a home for them in the Vienne or neighbouring departments. They will be re-homed under contract. Please contact us admin@equinerescuefrance.org for more details.

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ERF are delighted to report that they helped to facilitate the rescue and re-homing of a lovely 9 month old donkey called Annie last weekend.

Annie had been due to go to market the past weekend where her future would have been very uncertain – many of the foals from this market are taken straight for slaughter. Each year the farmer who owned Annie’s mother would breed a foal from her and then take the foal to be sold at market…weaning them that morning!

Luckily Annie was saved that distress and has found a wonderful home with her new owner in Brittany. The photo below was taken just 10 minutes after arriving home so you can see how relaxed and happy she is.

ERF would like to thank Diane who acted tirelessly on Annie’s behalf and to Annie’s new family Jennie and Simon, for giving her this chance of a new life. ERF will continue to campaign to stop the long distance live transport of all equines across Europe – little Annie is only one of the many thousands of animals facing this cruel trip.

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