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Last September we had a report of a pony having extremely overgrown hooves. The pony’s condition apart from the hooves was very good. After contacting the local Maire of the commune, we found out who owned the pony and approached the owner to see if we could help. (more…)


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Last year we were alerted to the case of a Shetland in dept. 17 that had severely overgrown feet.


As the Maire had already been contacted we spoke to the SPA who contacted a more local organisation to take the case on. Unfortunately we now know no action was taken, and when the original person who reported it told us this we immediately started communications with the DDSV to get something done. Last week we were contacted by the DDSV for that department to inform us that they had been out, and that the owner has now been notified to take action to rectify the pony’s condition. We will of course be following this up shortly to find out what improvements have been made.

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