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We thought Nanette deserved a post all of her own as the transformation in her from the neglected little donkey we rescued in June 2008, is nothing short of inspirational! Those of you who remember Nanette will also remember the dreadful state her feet were in, they had been neglected for many years.

X-ray of Nanettes foot on arrival

After x-rays were taken of her feet to assess whether she has any pedal bone rotation, the arduous task  began of trying to get her feet back into a decent state again. We thought that it was important to show you just what can be acheived with these rescued equines with time and care.

These were her feet on arriving with ERF….

Nanette Front feet

Nanette hind feet

And now…..

Nanette front feet

Nanette hind feet

We would like to thank Nanettes wonderful adoptive mum Caroline who has given this very special donkey so much time, patience and love since she has been with her….and also credit must go to her wonderful farrier!


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Firstly, we were delighted to receive some great photos of Nanette in her home in the Limousin. If you can remember back to June when we first rescued Nanette,  you’ll recall the terrible curled up feet that prevented her from being able to walk very far and how malnourished she was.Four months on and Nanette is like a different donkey. We are very grateful to the guardians that take on our equines, especially those that have specific care needs.As you can see from the photos, Nanette has certainly made herself at home and a part of the family!

"Is tea ready mum?" 

On a not so happy note, Piona and Wilbur now have matching bandaged hooves! When we rescued Wilbur he also had turned up hooves like Nanette. The long term neglect of his feet had led to the hoof growing underneath the sole of his foot, and when the farrier trimmed his feet this week he noticed a bruise on the sole although he hadn’t been lame.

Piona has suffered from a recurrent unsoundness in a front foot since we got her. This has now been detected as ‘champignon’, or as we would say a ‘fungal infection’ in the foot. She has been prescribed a solution that is poured into the site of the fungus which will hopefully now kill off the persistant bad bacteria.

Both donkeys will be fine within no time and have become very close to each other since we put them in the same field.

We would love them to find a home together, if not they will have to be parted and found individual homes.

Would you be interested in giving this lovable pair a new home? If so please contact us at admin@equinerescuefrance.org or have a look on our rehoming page of the website to see all our equines needing new families.

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Our beautiful Nanette landed well and truly on her hooves this week when she left us to live with her new guardian Caroline in the Limousin.

Cast your minds back to the curly hooved, poor looking donkey that was on her way to be made into sausages….just look at her now!

A new proud mum!

A new proud mum!

We can’t thank Caroline enough for offering Nanette such a wonderful pampered new life. We look forward to hear all about her antics in the near future.

Wilbur,one of our rescued donkeys has been successfully gelded now and will be ready for a new home shortly as will female donkey Piona. We also have Ruby and Ebony the rescued market  ponies who are needing special homes now.

If you would like to be considered as a guardian for one of our equines please get in touch or have a look here where we have some information on becoming a guardian.

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Feet part 2

The pictures pretty much say it all! Jim came back to work on Wilbur’s hind feet and to start Nanette’s treatment. Thankfully for everyone concerned it was a cooler day. Wilbur was dosed with Quadrisol but still found the whole experience difficult, whereas Nanette couldn’t have been calmer – as long as she had food on hand she was completely relaxed.
Wilbur before:
Wilbur hind          Wilbur fore
Wilbur hind and fore when we first rescued him

 And now….

Wilbur after

 And here’s Nanette;

The hoof had curled all the way under her foot and had to be carefully trimmed back to reveal her sole….
Nanette- underneath of hoof beforeNanette - underneath after 

Nanette hind and fore after:Nanette - hind after

Nanette front after 


Both donkeys will require regular and careful trimming for several months but we are all hopeful that the hooves will begin to grow back normally.

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 Today ERF went high-tech as Nanette’s feet were x-rayed to assess the damage her over-grown hooves have caused. The Donkey Sanctuary have generously agreed to fund Nanette’s treatment given her background, and requested the x-rays so we can agree the farrier work required. Fortunately, our local equine vet has one of the very few portable x-ray machines in France so duly turned up today to take her pictures. Usually he works with expensive thoroughbreds at prestigious stables and studs across Europe, so instead of a pristine treatment room he was amused to be led to our earth floor barn!

 Portable x-ray equipment used for Nanette

Nanette was a star and, after only a small amount of bribery, allowed us to take x-rays of all of her feet which will be e-mailed to the Donkey Sanctuary vets. Our vet pointed out deformation in one of her feet and some compression injury caused by the over-grown hooves, but overall we are hopeful that she will be able to lead a full life.

First, place your donkey's foot on the rubber block


Then place the background sheet behind the leg

After vaccinating and checking Belle and Lena, the vet met Titan who is already much calmer and more trusting. Needless to say, he is not microchipped or vaccinated so we started to put this right. We also discussed pain control as he is struggling to move and lying down for long periods – bute had given him some relief but is not recommended as an on-going treatment for donkeys. Instead we have Quadrisol to manage the pain and prepare him for the imminent visit from the farrier.


The girls with the vet!


Finally, we just want to say a big thank you to our husband and wife vets who are very supportive of our aims. They themselves spend a large amount of time repairing poor farrier work or helping where no farriers or equine dentists have ever visited. They have been a valuable source of information and help.

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Nanette, the 10 year old donkey rescued by ERF on Thursday has settled in well at Trina’s yard awaiting farriery and veterinary advice next week. Photos of her feet were emailed to the Donkey Sanctuary in the UK and a French farrier for their opinions on what and how treatment should start to correct her severely overgrown hooves….first impressions are that it will be a long road, but that it will be possible to try and slowly correct her hooves with vet and farrier liaising together to help her. (more…)

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After a second long day on the road, Titos has been safely delivered to his permanent home and Belle and Lena have been successfully picked up.  Both Belle and Lena are very sweet natured and they travelled well. They need the farrier and Belle has a snotty nose but otherwise they seem pleased to be in their new home.

Belle and Lena at home

We’re all off for a bit of family time but will regularly update you with all their news. Thank you to everyone who has offered help this week – we appreciate all your support. Don’t forget that we still need to raise the funds to care for the donkeys – please visit our website to donate, thank you!

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