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In June last year, ERF rescued 3 female donkeys from a yard in dept 24 –  Lena, Belle and Nanette. We knew there was a possibility that any of them could be pregnant as they had been in with entires. Well this week Lena, who lives with Belle in the Vienne, gave birth to a beautiful healthy male foal. Lena’s guardian Jane, who has named the new foal Vinnie, arrived at the field just minutes after he had been born. Lena is naturally being very protective over her foal when Belle is around, but is happy for  humans to get close to him. Well done Lena!!




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After a second long day on the road, Titos has been safely delivered to his permanent home and Belle and Lena have been successfully picked up.  Both Belle and Lena are very sweet natured and they travelled well. They need the farrier and Belle has a snotty nose but otherwise they seem pleased to be in their new home.

Belle and Lena at home

We’re all off for a bit of family time but will regularly update you with all their news. Thank you to everyone who has offered help this week – we appreciate all your support. Don’t forget that we still need to raise the funds to care for the donkeys – please visit our website to donate, thank you!

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Today we travelled down to the holding yard in the Dordogne to see 3 donkeys, Nanette, Belle and Lena.
When we got there, we saw that the condition of Nanette’s feet (the oldest donkey) are quite dire. They have overgrown to the stage that they now turn outwards on all four feet. Unfortunately she will not be suitable to re-home for some time, if ever, but we could not leave her there and so decided to get her out first. We are taking advice from donkey rehabilitation experts who have now had photos of her feet emailed to them as to what her options are. We are hoping that with remedial farriery and veterinary care we can make her more comfortable and give her a chance in life. (more…)

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