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A fascinating chiropractic study has been undertaken in two French riding schools. A worrying 74% of horses were found to have severe back problems, with only 26% with mild problems, or unaffected. About 60% of horses had problems in more than one area.

Nineteen horses were examined and assessed at work and rest, and the resulting findings then compared to the way the individual horses had been ridden, and how the riders had been taught.

The problems found in the resting horses correlated directly with both the horses’ demeanour in work, and the manner in which the horses were ridden. Significant differences in teaching styles between the schools showed a markedly different impact on the rider and horse posture.

A very brief summary of the data suggests that one of the schools focussed on control of the horses more than riders’ posture and technique. This in turn produced riders with higher heel positions and shorter reins/higher hand postitions, causing the horses’ way of going to be hollow backed with a high head carriage. All the horses in this school were found to have back problems.
The second school concentrated on rider posture, and lower heel position and longer reins allowed the horses to work with a low head carriage and round neck, which caused much less negative impact on the vertebrae, with a proportion of horses without back problems. The study also touched on the behavioural problems associated with back pain, such as head shaking and aggression.

It’s good to see such a study undertaken, lets hope that the message is received and acted upon.

The full study is HERE


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Charity Vide Grenier

in aid of Equine Rescue France & Medecins sans Frontieres

To be held at Moulin du Lary, 17270, Cercoux

Saturday 2nd May 2-6pm

A great fun day out for all the family with refreshments available on the day

Pitches to be reserved by April 31st by contacting Christina on 05 46 04 91 77 or chris.hernon@aliceadsl.fr

ERF would like to thank  Christina (our chief fundraiser!) and also Mr Knox-Johnston for the use of his beautiful property for the day.

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At the end of January we were alerted to a horse in dept 24 which was severely malnourished looking. The relevant authorities were immediately alerted and worked very quickly in locating an owner. It appeared that the horse was very old (thirties)  and could not eat properly due to missing teeth and an abscess on the side of her face.

Yesterday, sadly the horse was spotted covered up under a tapestry rug in the field, and from the location we suspect he had finally been put to sleep.

All too often owners leave elderly horses to suffer in their final years when actually to have them euthanised once their quality of life has diminished to such an extent is a far kinder option.


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A Republican guard got thrown from his rearing horse yesterday in the centre of Paris. The horse then proceeded to go on the run dodging traffic for 15 minutes.

Both horse and rider sustained little more than minor injuries in a situation that could have been so much worse.

You can watch the clip here.

sourse: la post

source: la post

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A month ago we were contacted by a very distraught lady who needed to find a special home for one of her horses. The lady breeds top level dressage horses, but on Christmas Eve last year her beloved young Trakhener horse, Accord, got cast in his box and devastatingly injured his vertebrae. Not only was this the sudden end to a promising dressage career, but the situation was worsened by him constantly running around with the other young horses in the field, hindering his recovery and potentially threatening his life. (more…)

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As many of you may now be thinking of stabling your equines and also feeding hay, COPD may well be rearing it’s ugly head.  (more…)

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In June, we were alerted by a member of the public to 6 donkeys that were in a field in the South of France (location cannot be disclosed for privacy reasons) that had feet in poor condition, obviously having not been trimmed for some time. (more…)

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