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Sometimes when owners can no longer care for their horses,ponies and donkeys they gift them to an association like ERF.

Why….?  So they can be found a new home under contract to the association which safeguards their future for life. Individuals who, for whatever reason, give their equines for free to other individuals always run the risk of the animal being passed on to who knows where when things go wrong. As an Association we will always have the equines that are under contract back at any time, they can never be sold on.

Balto and Jenna are 2 lovable donkeys that are looking for a new adoptive home. They must be re-homed together as they are….’husband & wife!’

Balto is the larger of the 2 and is 6yrs old. Jenna is smaller and of unknown age. If you would like to be considered as a Guardian for them or any of our equines please contact us in one of these ways.

You can see all our equines that are ready for re-homing here.


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Our two gorgeous girls Ruby and Ebony, rescued from a market back in April, are now looking for Guardians to care for them throughout their lives. Although we hate to say goodbye to them, they are now both confident enough to move on to new loving permanent homes, which will enable us to help other equines in need.

We feel that as Ruby is still slightly wary of strangers, probably from some abuse in her life, that she would be better suited as a companion pony than a riding pony at this moment in time. We don’t think she would suit being handled by children and would need to be placed in an experienced home. She is approx 1.30m and about 10 yrs old. 

Ebony is Ruby’s daughter and is a yearling. She is a stunning looking pony about the same size as her mum at the moment, who would have a promising career as a child’s riding pony ahead of her in the right hands. She has been well handled whilst with us but because of her age would obviously need backing in a few years time.She should make about 1.40m at maturity.

Both the ponies are microchipped,registered,vaccinated,wormed and have had their feet trimmed. Ebony is weaned and the pair could either be rehomed separately or together.

Any potential Guardians are homechecked by ERF and the ponies would be placed under a contract for their lifetime. There is more info of becoming a Guardian on our website here. If you would like to offer either of them a home please contact us at admin@equinerescuefrance.org

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