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Spain Bullfighting

We are probably all familiar with the ancient blood ‘sport’ of Bullfighting throughout Spain and Portugal. But are you aware that France is still hosting these barbaric spectacles in 11 different departments across Southern France?

Whilst the often tragic end to the bull is apparent, what is also extremely concerning to us who have a love of horses, is the countless injuries and deaths that are sustained to these brave horses during these events. In France these are called ‘La corrida à cheval’. Why is this entertainment still in existence in France and why is the French government funding it? Did you know that there are schools here that train young bullfighters from the age of 9 yrs old, again subsidised by the French authorities using taxpayers money.

As the result of many of these bullfights are so graphic we have refrained from posting the more disturbing images here, but have included some links to French anti bullfighting websites below:

Alliance anti corrida

Villes Taurines -bullfighting departments

FLAC-anti corrida

Horses-the forgotten victims of bullfighting


Please add your signature to this petition to help stop this suffering in France



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Two appeals…

As you are probably aware, the ERF website at the moment is predominately in English. We would like to change this and get most, if not all, of the site into French also this year. Is there anybody that could offer their translation services to help us do this please?

We are also asking for your used printer cartridges so that we can send them off to raise funds for the Association. This is a really great initiative with a dual purpose….so get saving them please. We will post on here shortly some drop off depots for the cartridges.

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“Whats French for….?”

Moving to a foreign country with animals can be a daunting experience, especially when you need to have discussions with your vet, farrier or feed merchant.

To help you, we have put together some useful French words, particularly applicable to Autumn/Winter horse care.

  • gale de boue or fivre de boue – mud fever
  • Fourbure – laminitis
  • coliques – colic
  • gastérophilose(gastérophile) – bots
  • gonfle – swelling
  • cestodes – tapeworm
  • abcès du pied – abscess in the foot
  • arthrite – arthritis
  • pourriture de la fourchette – thrush
  • maladie de la ligne blanche – white line disease
  • blessure – injury/wound
  • boîterie/boîteaux – lameness/lame
  • pulpe de betterave – beet pulp
  • maïs – maize
  • foin – hay
  • avoine – oat
  • granulés –  nuts (as in grass nuts) 
  • la balle ronde – round bale
  • le ballot de foin – small bale
  • paille – straw
  • orge – barley
  • floconné – mix

Obviously this is only a small selection of horse terms but you can find a useful English – French – English horse vocabulary translation site here.

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