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One of our ERF supporters had been unlucky enough to fall within the 2km radius for quarantining and compulsory testing for EIA, after two positive cases of the disease were identified locally. She was obviously very worried about her horses when she discovered that the disease is considered ‘notifiable’ under EU regs, and that any animal found to be positive is euthanased.

Thankfully the area has now been given the all clear, and you can read her BLOG about her concerns here.

It’s hard to believe that the lives of these two lovely girls in the photo above could easily have been at risk because of the knock on effect of the illegalities of the meat trade.

Until import and export regulations are properly adhered to, there is always going to be a risk of this disease spreading. It is so important to fight to restrict the journey times of meat horses across the EU, and campaign for slaughter in country of origin.


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Two more cases of EIA have been found (30th of March this year) in Prigonrieux, in the DORDOGNE.
The outbreak in Prigonrieux is epidemiologically linked to the index outbreak (outbreak in Montcaret) since the infected horse in the index outbreak came from the outbreak in Prigonrieux.
The two horses have been removed from the premises, and will be euthanased. The remaining 19 horses will be subject to further tests.

The WAHID REPORT has all the current information.

There is currently no further information on the type of premises, and likelihood of spread risk. Information on EIA is available on the Montcaret link above.

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One horse has tested positive, and 28 horses were Coggins tested on the 8th March for EIA in MONTCARET, DORDOGNE. The horses have been under surveillance since the 25th of February 2010.

This is a very serious notifiable disease with any positive horses facing compulsory slaughter. The symptoms are listed HERE, the second disease on the list.

There is no current indication where the disease may have originated from, or the nature of the premises involved.

Click the link for the WAHID Report

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It was only a matter of time before EIA worked its way into the UK…

And now it has, via 2 horses imported in from Romania via Belgium on 22nd December. Defra has confirmed that these horses will be destroyed after testing positive during random post-import testing. 50 more equines at the same yard, reportedly a dealer who regularly imports equine under the guise of  for ‘breeding purposes’, are also under surveillance.

ERF were so concerned by the increasing number of  ‘rescued equines’ being imported into the UK from Europe, and the associated risk of infectious diseases, that they helped form a sister group last year called INAG for Equines. Together with INAG’s, ERF have been warning Defra that the present Tripartite Agreement (which allows equines to travel between France,Ireland and the UK without health checks)  was putting the UK horse population at great risk.

Last April we reported the EIA outbreak in France causing horses in the Var region to be quarantined and those that tested positive were then euthanized.

For more information on EIA visit the Defra website.

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Last month we reported about the outbreak of Equine Infectious Anaemia in the Vars region of France – see here.

Sadly, 11 horses who tested positive to EIA have now been euthanased. Read report here.

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