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Cast your minds back to last April when ERF attended a local horse market at St Yrieix. That day two very scared and thin ponies, a mare with her yearling filly still suckling, pulled on our heartstrings. The nearest place for them to recuperate was Jenny’s yard in the Dordogne, as travelling equines any distance in poor condition is risky at best.  As with any new equines that come into our care, Ruby and Ebony were put into a quarantine area. A careful programme of worming and feeding was followed to allow their starved systems time to adjust to the change in diet.

Ruby was fearful and protective of her baby, and Ebony was totally unhandled and difficult to get near. Ruby’s trust grew quite quickly, but her dislike of men generated a couple of attacks on unsuspecting males with her teeth!  As Ebony grew in confidence, she thought it might be fun to play. The boxing on the hind legs game was very quickly nipped in the bud!

With time and specialist care Ruby & Ebony turned into two very lovely ponies which we were able to rehome together, under our adoption scheme, seven months later.

Our policy is to regularly go and visit the ERF adopted equines to see how they are doing, and we were delighted to see how Ruby and Ebony had changed from this (back in April)……

Ruby on arrival, with some very welcomed hay

Ruby on arrival, with some very welcomed hay

Ebony sticks close to mum, Ruby

Ebony sticks close to mum, Ruby

And last week….looking great!



It’s lovely to see them safe, happy and secure in their new lives.


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Wonderful news to report, Ruby and Ebony are now safely ensconced in their new home! (more…)

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Our two gorgeous girls Ruby and Ebony, rescued from a market back in April, are now looking for Guardians to care for them throughout their lives. Although we hate to say goodbye to them, they are now both confident enough to move on to new loving permanent homes, which will enable us to help other equines in need.

We feel that as Ruby is still slightly wary of strangers, probably from some abuse in her life, that she would be better suited as a companion pony than a riding pony at this moment in time. We don’t think she would suit being handled by children and would need to be placed in an experienced home. She is approx 1.30m and about 10 yrs old. 

Ebony is Ruby’s daughter and is a yearling. She is a stunning looking pony about the same size as her mum at the moment, who would have a promising career as a child’s riding pony ahead of her in the right hands. She has been well handled whilst with us but because of her age would obviously need backing in a few years time.She should make about 1.40m at maturity.

Both the ponies are microchipped,registered,vaccinated,wormed and have had their feet trimmed. Ebony is weaned and the pair could either be rehomed separately or together.

Any potential Guardians are homechecked by ERF and the ponies would be placed under a contract for their lifetime. There is more info of becoming a Guardian on our website here. If you would like to offer either of them a home please contact us at admin@equinerescuefrance.org

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Hardly recognisable as the scrawny little roan mare and her black foal that we rescued from St Yrieix horse fair back in April….


This lucky pair have really come along and are looking superb now…so much so that it’s nearly time for Ruby to leave us for pastures new.

They are now so full of curiosity and a little bit of mischief, that when we turned our backs for a second on a recent visit, they decided to explore Jenny’s bathroom which backs onto their paddock. Needless to say, they were quickly returned to their own home! I guess we could say that they are house trained anyway…even if they didn’t wipe their hooves!

In the past 6 weeks whilst under Jenny’s care, the pair have had their feet trimmed, been wormed, vaccinated and microchipped. Ruby is still not 100% good with men so her new guardians would have to be aware of that. We aren’t sure what has happened in her past but she definitely prefers female beings (wise horse!).

If you would like to be considered as Ruby’s new Guardian please contact us at admin@equinerescuefrance.org

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