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French report

French report

There are many assumptions made about the scale of horse production in France, particularly in the UK where individuals want to ‘rescue’ horses from the abattoir. We regularly hear ‘rescue’ sites talking about the huge numbers of horses being transported in illegal conditions to Italy – indeed we once believed these tales too and it is only with considerable research that we found out the truth.

The official 2008 figures have recently been released and they make interesting reading:



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Yesterday, World Horse Welfare submitted a dossier to the European Commission requesting laws be tightened up that govern the live transport of horses going to slaughter. (more…)

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Last week the Scottish Government agreed to support demands for more enforcement of the European rules regulating the transportation of live horses for slaughter.

“In this day and age there can be no justification for 100,000 horses being inhumanely transported for slaughter each year in intolerable conditions and it is up to politicians at all levels of government to continue to press for action on this issue,” said John Scott MSP, the Scottish Conservatives’ spokesman on rural affairs.

Mr Scott, who had the backing of 40 other MSP’s on this matter, added that he wanted to see the Government take a further step and give its support to an overall strengthening of the regulations. This would include an introduction of short finite journey limits and, ultimately, to support an end to the practice of long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter.

This is clearly a good step forward but it is across the whole of Europe where real progress needs to be made on the tightening up of existing legislations.

Have you given your support yet to this campaign? You can do so by clicking on our campains page here.

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