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With his big heart and generous calm nature, Goliath has found his perfect forever home helping youths at risk in the beautiful Carcassonne countryside.

It is little more than 2 weeks since we were first asked to find Goliath a home, and on Friday he went to live with his adopter, Wanda, who runs the Association Vivre a plein temps.

We wish them all the very best together and just know he is going to fulfill this  role perfectly.

Goliath and a new friend

Goliath and a new friend



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AGM update

Friday 30th May saw our first Annual General Meeting which passed rather quietly (thankfully after our difficulties earlier in the year!). As many of our members live quite a way away from us, we received lots of apologies but we were extremely pleased to receive many proxy votes with their supportive messages – thank you! (more…)

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La Vie Associative plays an important role in everyday life in France. A recent survey showed that, amazingly, there are over 1.1 million associations supported by 14.2 million volunteers and 935,000 employees. Associations can be found in all walks of life from sport and education to all types of leisure pursuits, and they are recognised as an important part of the economy in France.  Associations rely upon volunteers to direct and support them and through these associations, individuals are able to make a significant impact in their chosen field – in fact, few countries have such a well established network of community action. 

ERF is an Association and has been created under ‘Loi 1901′, a law that establishes the rights of not-for-profit associations and strictly regulates what they can and they cannot do. Similar to a charity in the UK, profits cannot be taken out of the legal structure and if it is dissolved, all monies are passed to another Association Loi 1901 with similar aims. As an association with a low turnover, ERF are not subject to tax but do pay TVA (VAT) on all transactions.

All Associations are managed by a Bureau consisting of President, Treasurer and Secretary – these positions are voluntary and receive no remuneration. The Bureau is supported by a Conseil d’Administration and the members of the bureau are annually elected at the AGM from the Conseil d’Administration. All members can stand for election onto the Conseil d’Administration at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and all members are eligible (and encouraged!) to vote at the AGM.

To establish an Association, the first step is to draw up Statuts and it is these that form the legal framework within which the Association will be managed. These cover areas such as aims, details about membership and the Association management plus what will happen in the case of dissolution. In the case of a legal debate, the statuts are used to define the rules of the Association and are therefore central to everything the Association does – the only way they can be amended is through a members’ vote at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The Statuts are lodged at the local Préfecture along with other important details and available for public scrutiny.

As a not-for-profit organisation, ERF have to convince the tax office that we do not carry out any commercial activity, nor does anyone on the management council benefit in any way from the activity of the association (although costs can be reclaimed to levels set by the Government). France is renowned for it’s bureaucracy and it will come as no surprise that setting up an Association and employing staff even part time triggers an avalanche of paperwork for the volunteer management team. So spare a thought for us when it may look quiet – we will be buried in tax forms and questionnaires which help to safeguard the money donated by our members and supporters!

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With the start of the new year, we thought it a good time to start the ERF blog. Through this blog we hope to keep in more regular contact with all our members and supporters.  Here we will be able to update you on the progress of our rescues aswell as let you know what we are doing on the association front. We’d love to hear back from you – where can we make a difference and what else can we be doing? Please bear in mind that currently we are all volunteers but will do all we can to make things happen and to change the fate of the equines we meet.

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