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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring our blog and our website together onto one site and finally, we’re ready! From today you can find our blog over at www.equinerescuefrance.org. We look forward to seeing you there.
This site will remain live for the immediate future but we will not be adding any new blog posts here or approving comments. We have transferred all our content to the new address so you can consult our archives there too.

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Pastures being the appropriate word, the boys could hardly believe their luck when they were turned out into their new field full of grass!

On the journey to their new home with John and Carolyn, Leo was very stressy and didn’t travel well causing Corrie to become somewhat wound up too. We safely managed their ‘enthusiasm’ to leave the trailer (!), and after a cursory glance at their surroundings and a quick explore of their field and barn, they both settled to eat.

It’s wonderful to see them in such fantastic surroundings, but it was a wrench to leave them there. It’s impossible to not become attached to horses even though I know their time with me will end when they find their forever homes. I’m sure I’ll miss them far more than they’ll miss me though!

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Yesterday we took our lovely Vinnie to his new home in the Correze where he will now live with new adopters Helga & Paul….and of course Lulu the donkey. Helga had arranged to privately purchase Lulu from her previous owners due to their circumstances changing. Since she was local, we collected her so that Vinnie could have a companion immediately.
We currently have other donkeys looking for homes at the moment so please get in touch with us if you would like more info on becoming a donkey adopter.

As with all donkeys, Vinnie needed a little persuation to load!

A short while later and he's in!!

Off we head with Vinnie to his new home...

We're here Vinnie!

We then went and collected Vinnies new friend Lulu...who needed a bit more encouragement than Vinnie to disembark!

A meeting of 2 donkeys.......

Vinnie is soon playing follow-my-leader with Lulu, his very own friend at last

A wonderful happy ending for 2 very lucky donkeys

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Very thin and dirty

Whilst monitoring the French ‘rescue’ forums over here, we saw to our dismay a racehorse from the UK, Corran Ard, at risk of going for meat.
On checking his details on the Racing Post site, we discovered that his last run on the 26th of March this year, was less than a month before his arrival on the site on the 20th of April.

His most recent trainer, Tim Vaughan, was promptly contacted and a series of emails ensued between us and the trainer’s assistant Mark Gichero, who assured us he was doing what he could to find out why the horse had ended up there.

Suddenly, on the 27th of April, the horse was taken off the site as no longer available. We then received an email from Mark Gichero saying that he had been in touch with his contacts in France who had assured him the horse would be found a home via them.

In the interim, after doing more research, we found other UK ex racers on that site from the same region of the UK. We alerted the BHA to the fact, and they have passed the details to their investigations team.

Imagine then, our surprise and horror when the horse reappeared on the website on the 15th of June, now at a lower price and in imminent danger of going to the abattoir.

We decided there was no time to waste. To ensure that the horse was given every chance of a future, but also very much to highlight the fact that this cross channel trade in unwanted UK horses and ponies to French dealing/meat yards is happening, we contacted the newspapers in the UK.

They in turn contacted Mark Gichero, who was understandably horrified that the horse had resurfaced back in the same place. After some discussion, Mark asked us how he could help to get the horse out of there, and generously funded his purchase price and transport costs. Corran Ard was collected on Monday 28th of June by ERF and now has his future secured with us.

He is a beautiful, sensitive horse who was obviously shell-shocked at the immediate change in his circumstances. Going from 5* treatment in a racing yard to being on the meat trail must have been bewildering and terrifying for him.

He will take some careful rehabilitation, he has been neglected to the extent that he was still wearing his racing plates when we collected him, over three months after his last race. Luckily, the attention being lavished on him was quickly accepted as his due, and the spark is back in his eye. The physical recovery will sadly take much longer.

You can read the Newspaper story in Wales Online.

We’ll update his progress in a couple of days. But just for the moment, here he is after a bath having a pick of grass.

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We had a very worthwhile day out on Sunday at the Etcetera re-launch fete, where we got to meet some of our present supporters and also gained some new ones. It’s always nice to put a face to a name and to show some examples of  how donations are being used. Despite the slightly chilly weather there was an excellent turnout with lots of interesting stands and car boot stalls to keep everyone amused. A huge well done must go to the editor Lorraine who managed to pull off such a great family day out. ERF are pleased to be writing a monthly column for the Etcetera magazine on equines (of course!) and all back issues can be read online.

The ERF stand at the Etcetera event

We would also like to appeal for potential fundraisers that could maybe run a fundraising event or have a vide grenier stand in aid of ERF to please get in touch with us.

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It’s only very temporary though, just whilst we make some improvements to the website!

We’ll let you know when the new site is live and in the meantime please keep visiting us here, on facebook and Twitter

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The Animal Medical Care Foundation (AMCF) have once again brought a big smile to our faces at ERF when we recently received a parcel of  donated medical products from them.

AMCF are a  Netherlands registered charity operating from the Netherlands and France and run by volunteers who supply medicines, medical equipment and other care products to animal shelters.

The wormers, antibiotics, grooming products and other useful equine items are much appreciated as it means we can use what little finances we have elsewhere in continuing to help those equines that need us most.

ERF Vinnie checking out the latest parcel from AMCF...think he approves!

We are always very grateful to receive any unwanted but useable equine equipment or products. Headcollars and leadropes of all sizes are particularly useful, so if you have any laying about that you no longer use, please think of ERF.

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