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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring our blog and our website together onto one site and finally, we’re ready! From today you can find our blog over at www.equinerescuefrance.org. We look forward to seeing you there.
This site will remain live for the immediate future but we will not be adding any new blog posts here or approving comments. We have transferred all our content to the new address so you can consult our archives there too.

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As ERF visit markets and welfare cases, we often need to find the owners of animals or check the history of the animals that we see. As all equines in France now have to be chipped by law, we need to purchase at least one hand-held microchip scanner for the team.

The cost of scanners has fallen rapidly recently and they are now available for as little as 150€. If only 30 people give 5€ today then we will be able to make an even greater difference for equines in France. Just click the Paypal button on the right or leave us a pledge in the comments below and we’ll come back to you.

Please pledge a fiver today…thank you.

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