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Earlier this month we were told of a couple of horses in dept 82 in bad condition. The person who went out to the location reported that one horse had apparently vanished, and the other was indeed very skinny, tethered and being fed mouldy hay.

We immediately alerted the DDSV whilst the horse was kept horse under surveillance from a local volunteer. Thankfully the hay was soon swapped for better quality hay. Today we heard back from a DDSV inspector who had been out to visit the horse and spoken to the owners. His assesment was that the horse had access to water,  good hay and was tethered on a long line. Apparently the horse is extremely old, has no illness and does have a stable that they use to bring him in to.

At the moment all we can do is keep an eye on his condition, especially with winter approaching. Hopefully now the owners know that the authorities are aware of their horse they will start to be a bit more attentive


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Next Sunday (St Francis day) is World Animal Day or in French, Journée Mondiale des animaux, a day to celebrate animals and the relationships us humans have with them. Events are hosted throughout the world in recognition of animals, how they enrich our lives and most importantly what we can do to help them. Have a look on the WAD website to see if there is an event happening near you. It is also a day when villages and towns throughout the world hold ‘animal blessing’ services.


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logo museum of the horse2Tomorrow, Saturday, 26th September Caroline Anns-Baldock will be riding her bright chestnut racehorse down Whitehall at 11.15 to arrive at No 10 Downing Street at 11.30 in the guise of Lady Godiva, whose legendary naked ride through Coventry took place to champion the cause of the local downtrodden peasants. Caroline’s dramatic act is to publicise the need for an official Museum of the Horse for the UK.

Caroline will be accompanied by Mrs Christopher Boyd and Lucinda McAlpine and her committee, including Colin Henderson, ex Head Coachman of the Royal Mews.

Caroline is a unique phenomenon in the horse world. She was one of England’s first three professional female flat jockeys. She has worked in the horse world all her life. She was the antiquarian equestrian specialist at J.A Allens’s, The Horseman’s Bookshop and was literary assistant to Monty Roberts. Her quest is to set up a Museum of the Horse here in the UK. We are the only European country without one to honour the contribution of horses to our society, and yet we are known throughout the world as the home of horse-loving people.

Caroline’s determination to create a museum of the horse has a practical application – she has for many years been collecting fascinating equestrian artifacts from all over the world. She now intends to displayed them in the museum for all to learn from and enjoy. Some of the unique artifacts are from the racing industry and have already been displayed at Bourne Hall in Ewell, Surrey. Caroline has established a committee whose purpose is to fundraise and establish the museum.

Have a look at her website for the museum which is a fascinating mixture of fact, poetry, storytelling, research and travel writing. We wish Caroline all the very best in her quest and hope the weather is not too cold in London tomorrow!

In France we are very fortunate to have the Musée Vivant du Cheval at Chantilly, a museum which is one of the most visited equestrian places in the world.

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Please take a few minutes to look at our equines that are still waiting for their forever homes to come along.You can see their their photos on the right hand side of this page or go to our rehoming page for more info on each of them.

If you do not have the facilities or experience to take on an equine yourself, maybe you would consider donating something towards their costs whilst in our care? Mimi has now been with us 8 months awaiting for an adopter to come forward. Leon is still receiving treatment on his leg injury that he came to us with and so will not be able to be rehomed for some time. Our aim is always to rehome equines into permanent homes as soon as we can, but in cases like the above it sometimes isn’t possible. With the onset of winter just around the corner, and potentially more equines than ever needing our help this winter, please help us so that we can continue to help them.

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ERF were exhibitors on Saturday at the Angel Traders business fair, held this time in the grounds of the beautiful Chateau Le Mas de Montet.sept20 006

These fairs offer the public a chance to meet English speaking businesses and learn about what they offer and how they work. We had the chance to show some examples of the welfare cases we deal with and explain how the animal welfare system works in France. We had some great feedback and support from the general public which makes our job even more worthwhile. ERF are always happy to talk to anyone about equine related problems and will advise wherever  we can.

Thank you to Amanda and Mel for inviting ERF to attend.

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Today we went and collected Ossie, a 20 yr old New Forest gelding, who has come into ERF to find an adoptive family to live out the rest of his days with.

He is a very spritely chap who still enjoys hacks out, but he apparently isn’t a childs 1st pony. We’ll keep you updated on his progress over the next few weeks and if you’d like to be considered as an adopter for Ossie then please email us – admin@equinerescuefrance.org

ossie 002

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Two female Poitou donkeys, that are native to our region here, have arrived at The Philadelphia zoo in Pennsylvania. Nike and periwinkle will no doubt be a great visitor attraction at this popular zoo, which is home to many rare and endangered species of animals.

There are only about 400 true Poitou donkeys left in the world and so it is very important that the breed is preserved with the help of associations such as SABAUD

Poitou donkeys at our local Romange horse fair

Poitou donkeys at our local Romange horse fair

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