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Gazza has now started some gentle work with us. Starting off with long reining in the round pen, then we progressed to a wander round the orchard…

25junegazza 002 (more…)


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We have been reading more and more stories lately whereby horses are offered free, ‘a donner‘, on French internet sites-often these turn out to be scams. The adverts are normally Pure breds such as Frisons, Spanish, Selle Francais horses who read to be the perfect horse. Yes, too good to be true was never a truer expression!

Often the person selling the horse will be in Africa and you will have to pay for transport using Western Union. They will ask you for your contact details and will say that they’ll arrange to have the horse delivered to your door.

Here is one such recent advert, looks quite genuine, but when they respond back to you via email you will see the same tell tale scam signs mentioned above. (more…)

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Here at ERF, we’re celebrating – we have just achieved our first campaigning goal to help safeguard the welfare of horses being transported from France to the UK under the guise of ‘rescuing’.

defraBehind the scenes, we have been working extremely hard for the past 5 months to raise the plight of these animals to the notice of the authorities and to ensure their welfare and safety. On June 15th, Defra in the UK published guidelines (scroll down the page to Import of ‘rescue’ horses) for the first time in response to the growing concern over these animals – a fantastic achievement for all those involved. (more…)

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A few weeks ago ERF heard about the plight of Gasparin, a beautiful 15 yr old Norwegian Fjord gelding that was on his way to being sold to the abattoir. His French owners had acquired a property 5 years previous, and with it came a pony, Gasparin. They had tried selling him, to no avail, because of his previous history of laminitis. They felt their only option of a buyer was the abattoir, until someone thankfully suggested ERF. Happily, they agreed that ERF could take him under their wing and try and find him a new adoptive family in the future. What struck us straight away with Gasparin was his kind and generous nature, despite the pain he was in from his feet.

Last Monday we picked up a very fat and lonely Gasparin…

Gasparin arriving (more…)

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There are just 4 days left to listen to the very interesting Spindles Farm report that was aired on Friday on Radio 4. You can listen to it on BBC iplayer here.

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Last Saturday was a chance for horse lovers in the La Souterraine and surrounding areas to get together and watch Adam Sheresdan use his natural horsemanship techniques on a variety of different horses throughout the day. We took along Zurito (a horse rescued by Trina before ERF was formed) for Adam to use who, was impeccably behaved all day .

zurito & adam trot (more…)

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hay making

Some of you will have already had your first crop of hay made this year before the rain came. In France hay can be made slightly earlier from the UK, from about mid May depending on what part of France you live in, with some people managing to  get a second cut later in the summer. (more…)

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