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Balto & Jenna were due to go to their new adoptive home yesterday, sadly it all fell through for them and so they still search for a loving home. Balto is a gelding and Jenna a female. They must be rehomed together as they are life-long friends. More details on the can be found here.


Also still looking for a family to love them  are Wilbur and Piona  (male & female donkeys) and Mimi (mule). All details can be found on the re-homing page of our website or please contact us for more details.


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An outbreak of Equine Influenza is spreading throughout France and owners of horses,ponies,donkeys and mules are urged to be extra vigilant at the moment. The outbreak was originally declared in the centre of Grosbois and quickly spread to stables in Orne, Calvados, Maine et Loire and Cagnes sur Mer.

The recommended vaccine for this particular strain of Equine Influenza is PROTEQFLU nd and PROTEQFLU TE nd.

If your horse has been vaccinated in the last six months or if your horse stays on your property and has no other contact with visiting horses, then the risk of infection is very low. But, if your horse travels or has contact with new horses, or  hasn’t been vaccinated in the last six months , then revaccinate! The better protected they are the less severe the symptoms will be if they are affected.

Some facts on Equine Flu:

  • It is a disease caused by a virus that affects the upper and lower respiratory tract of horses, donkeys and mules
  • It is very infectious and spreads rapidly through groups of horses with an incubation period of one to three days
  • Influenza is so contagious that there is a near 100% infection rate in un-vaccinated horses
  • Like many diseases the young and the old are at greater risk of complications, as are those that experience periods of stress such as travelling
  • The disease is spread by inhalation of virus released into the atmosphere by coughing and blowing

Clinical signs can include:

  • The sudden onset of a dry cough,often described as a hacking cough
  • A high temperature – 39-41 degrees centigrade
  • Clear, watery nasal discharge that may become thick and yellow or green
  • Enlarged glands under the lower jaw
  • Clear discharge from the eyes
  • Loss of appetite and depression
  • Legs filling up

If you suspect your horse has Equine Flu:

  • Isolate the equine immediately
  • Call your vet
  • Follow strict hygiene procedures and disinfect tools, equipment, boxes
  • Rest the equine
  • Ensure the equine is in a place with good ventilation

Here is a video clip of some horses with EI to help you spot the signs, symptoms do vary with each different strain though.

Article published by the Haras Nationaux on the outbreak

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Spain Bullfighting

We are probably all familiar with the ancient blood ‘sport’ of Bullfighting throughout Spain and Portugal. But are you aware that France is still hosting these barbaric spectacles in 11 different departments across Southern France?

Whilst the often tragic end to the bull is apparent, what is also extremely concerning to us who have a love of horses, is the countless injuries and deaths that are sustained to these brave horses during these events. In France these are called ‘La corrida à cheval’. Why is this entertainment still in existence in France and why is the French government funding it? Did you know that there are schools here that train young bullfighters from the age of 9 yrs old, again subsidised by the French authorities using taxpayers money.

As the result of many of these bullfights are so graphic we have refrained from posting the more disturbing images here, but have included some links to French anti bullfighting websites below:

Alliance anti corrida

Villes Taurines -bullfighting departments

FLAC-anti corrida

Horses-the forgotten victims of bullfighting


Please add your signature to this petition to help stop this suffering in France


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Please come along and support what will be a great day out for all the family.Entries for the competitions close May 20th.

If you would like to book a free pitch for your business or if you can donate a raffle prize please get in touch on 0545 300616.

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At the end of January we were alerted to a horse in dept 24 which was severely malnourished looking. The relevant authorities were immediately alerted and worked very quickly in locating an owner. It appeared that the horse was very old (thirties)  and could not eat properly due to missing teeth and an abscess on the side of her face.

Yesterday, sadly the horse was spotted covered up under a tapestry rug in the field, and from the location we suspect he had finally been put to sleep.

All too often owners leave elderly horses to suffer in their final years when actually to have them euthanised once their quality of life has diminished to such an extent is a far kinder option.


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Last week ERF were alerted to a horse that had been found roaming around a field and  had been taken to the safety of an local family’s paddock whilst a owner was sought. ERF went out and took photos of the horse and treated some minor health problems that were apparent. We advised that the Gendarmes and Maire should be informed, the people had already enquired within the local community to no avail. After 3 weeks since first being found, a gentleman, who had been asked if the horse was his in the beginning, came forward after realising the person that he was paying to look after his horse hadn’t actually noticed it had gone missing all these weeks! Owner and horse were happily reunited and the horse has now found a lovely lady to look after him for the rest of his days.


ERF will always do their utmost to respond to any welfare call- to be able to continue to do this we desperately need to raise funds as we receive no government funding or sponsorship.  If you can help in any way please get in touch-Thank you

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Today we took Mimi to her new home in the Charente, where she will live with new donkey pal Napoleon. After a little trot about in her new paddock and a nose sniff with Napoleon, it was back down to the serious job of eating! We would like to thank Kayleigh and her mum for adopting Mimi and we hope they have much fun together in the future.


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