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Last September we had a report of a pony having extremely overgrown hooves. The pony’s condition apart from the hooves was very good. After contacting the local Maire of the commune, we found out who owned the pony and approached the owner to see if we could help. (more…)


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Yesterday was an eventful day to say the least when we turned up to collect Mimi to take her to her new adoptive home.

Mimi had been ruling her previous owner a little and had a bit of ‘mule attitude’ when asked to do anything other than what Mimi wanted! (more…)

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We are delighted to have found Shetland pair, Molly and Merlin, a wonderful forever home in the Haute Vienne countryside with new adopter Nigel and Sue.

They have settled in like they have lived there all their lives and are oblivious to anything going on around them… of course being ponies grass is no. 1 priority for them!

We look forward to posting some photos up in due course.

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Two appeals…

As you are probably aware, the ERF website at the moment is predominately in English. We would like to change this and get most, if not all, of the site into French also this year. Is there anybody that could offer their translation services to help us do this please?

We are also asking for your used printer cartridges so that we can send them off to raise funds for the Association. This is a really great initiative with a dual purpose….so get saving them please. We will post on here shortly some drop off depots for the cartridges.

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Please take a look at our website as we have just added a lot of horses,ponies,donkeys and a mule needing homes.

Go to the rehoming page now.

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Sometimes loaning your equine out can go smoothly and happily-but it can also go heartbreakingly wrong. Here is the very sad story we have just been informed about concerning Gwen and Lady. (more…)

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Mimi, a 3 yr old female mule looking for an urgent home. She is very sweet and is being handled/groomed regularly.She would need somebody with the experience to continue with her education for the future.

If you would like to be considered as a Guardian for life please contact us

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