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What words can really describe the pain inflicted upon a herd of beautiful and well-bred horses owned by a Brit living in Andalucia, Spain?

Out of Sue Jenkins’ initial 50 horses, around 16 have already starved to death on scrub land and the remainder are alive but have only limited food and water supplies. Sue Jenkins denies all allegations of neglect and claims they died through drinking salinated water or eating hay containing thorns. However, this is not a woman ignorant to an equine’s needs as she is herself an equine nutritionist.

Like France, Spain has a slow and lengthy legal system and so it is impossible to get the horses moved to safety. Under Spanish law if the horses are seized then they have to be humanely destroyed, something that the WHW and RSPCA are trying to intervene to avoid.

Several of the horses came from the well-known UK stud, Holme Trakehners, who are obviously very distraught at what has happened. They are trying to raise funds for Spanish welfare group CACMA so that they can at least feed the remaining horses for the present time. All details of how to donate are on the Holme Trakehners site.

We at ERF have been in contact with Spanish welfare groups and Holme Trakehners to offer any assistance we can give to these horses. We have also contacted some leading equestrian figureheads to ask them to add their voices to resolve this travesty. Time is of the essence as most of these horses are in a critical state. 

Holme Trakehners have given us permission to use these photos which show one of the horses Singing Holly whilst she was in the UK. They believe this is the same horse in Spain…


For more reports on this story go to;

Daily Mail   The olive Press   SOS Galgos   This is Gloucestershire   Holme Trakehners   Horse & Hound

Bank details for CACMA are (please do not send any money to ERF for this appeal):

German Bank Málaga/Deutsche Bank Málaga
Bank account No 0019 0090 15 4010048056
IBAN ES35 0019 0090 15 4010048056
SWIFT (BIC) DEUTESBB 0019 0090 15 4010048056
Postal adress:
Deutsche Bank Málaga
Avd. Andalucía 7
29002 Málaga
Telf. 952356011


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Please be vigilant….

We have been alerted to the dissappearance  4 days ago of 2 horses from a field near Confolens in the Charente.

They are a 10 yr old coloured mare and a 15yr old coloured stallion. The mares foal, a coloured mule, was left behind. There are no signs of these horses escaping, it is being treated as theft. If anybody notices a couple of new coloured horses, mare & stallion, in their area please could you alert us.

Horse theft in France is not common but we have noticed recently an increase in coloured horses going missing, perhaps because of the high prices being fetched for coloured gypsy cob types over here.

A useful site listing stolen horses can be found here.

If anyone has any information regarding the above horses please contact us in strict confidence at admin@equinerescuefrance.org

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Piona de Sevres

Another busy day at ERF – we picked up Piona, a beautiful Baudet cross whose elderly owner is no longer able to look after her. Despite never having travelled before and not being used to head collars, she loaded well and wasn’t too stressed at the other end. She is now in the field beside Nanette and they are chatting over the fence.

Piona arriving at ERF

Piona arriving at ERF

When she is re-homed, she must have a companion as she is used to having at least 2 other donkey friends. She is in good health and has regularly seen the vet and farrier, she is also inscribed in the Baudet de Poitou Livret B having 3 out 4 pure Baudet grandparents. She will make a lovely companion but also has the potential to do more with the right family. Like all Baudets, Piona is very large and strong but also calm. We will, of course, home check any prospective Guardian and she will be re-homed under an ERF contract.

If you would like to be considered as a Guardian for Piona, please contact us.


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Urgent home needed!

This 5 year old bay gelding is in urgent need of a home as the dealer who owns him will sell to the abattoir if a private home is not found very soon.

He is approx 15.2hh and of thoroughbred type. He is excellant with all other horses and is very gentil around people, he would make an ideal companion horse.

 He would need an experienced person to continue with his ridden work if he was to be used as a riding horse in the future.

The dealer is asking a meat value price of 900€, how much time he has we don’t know…..it is  case of when the lorry is passing!

If you are interested in saving him please contact admin@equinerescuefrance.org

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One of the best parts of my job is when I receive updates on how the ERF rescues are getting on. The Guardians (our new name for adopters) are all such wonderful caring people and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their dedication to these guys and gals.

A few words from Hugo’s Guardians…

“Hi just a little hello from all of us and Hugo!
Pippa is really enjoying having Hugo this summer – I still can’t believe she actually WANTS to get up in the mornings!
He is jumping little courses now!  He is cantering happily on both leads and is really enjoying himself. During a nice rainy bit we had last week I had the chance to ride Jasper in the school with pippa and hugo, we had such fun!  The horses enjoyed jumping together and we spent a happy hour playing. 
Hugo is truly exceptional.  I find it truly amazing that Hugo trusts us after what he has been through.”
‘Hugo isn’t a horse… he’s a hero’

Hugo and Pippa

Hugo and Pippa

From Annie’s Guardians….

“Annie is doing really well although she has changed a lot since she came – she is no longer the quiet calm rather depressed little donkey she was – now she is much more bouncy and opinionated, fortunately we had done the leading and picking up feet etc. lessons when she first came so she is still easy enough to handle, but is now as I would expect a yearling to be – playful and into everything. Annie is almost always out in the sun so long as she has her fly fringe on she seems to be happy pottering about whilst the others stay under the trees, helping me ‘poo pick’ and knocking the wheelbarrow over !!!! Photos attached – you wouldn’t think it was the same donkey !!!!!!!”      

The beautiful Annie

The beautiful Annie

Ruby & Ebony
Our gorgeous mother and daughter pair are now ready to be re-homed. Any person wishing to be considered as Guardians for Ruby or Ebony should contact us by email or give us a call. For more information on our re-homing scheme please visit here

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WSPA come to visit

Yesterday we were very happy to welcome WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) to ERF HQ. Kerenza and Maggie came to understand more about what we are trying to do, and what we have achieved so far, in order to assess our suitability to become a member society of WSPA. We had an action packed meeting with lots of input from both sides, and are very hopeful that at the upcoming affiliate meeting we will be accepted. If we are, we will be able to call on an international network of welfare organisations, as well as participate in training and development opportunities offered by WSPA.

Currently there are 9 member societies in France but none focus on equine welfare.

The next WSPA campaign being developed is to campaign against the long haul transport of equines from Spain to Italy via France – an issue close to our hearts.

We’d like to say thank you to Kerenza and Maggie for coming such a long way to visit us – we found it an interesting and positive meeting and hope that they did too.



L to R: Trina (ERF), Kathryn (ERF), Kerenza (WSPA), Maggie (WSPA)

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Last week Horse & Hound magazine news editor Abigail Butcher joined up with World Horse Welfare’s Jo White to track the journey of live horses going to slaughter from Poland to Italy, a 1700 mile trek. This journey can often take 4 or 5 days, and with the abolition of border controls this now means it is often a non stop journey of hell across Europe. 

It it always upsetting to watch these images, no matter how many times you see them it doesn’t get any easier, sentiments it seems that are also felt by  other welfare groups. Here at ERF we have witnessed the condition of equines in France that are bound for the slaughter houses, some their conditions considerably worse than those reported by H&H in this report. Part of our work at ERF is monitoring the local sales and reporting our findings to help fight to improve enforcement of the current transport regulations.  We intend as part of our assistance to this to be able to track some of the French horses on their outward travel to slaughter houses across Europe. This is a costly operation and we ask for your support to enable us to do this. As the report shows just a minority of these transporters are abiding by the rules and using the staging posts to rest the horses……what about the others?

Read Abigails online factual diary here…

Day 1 – Central Poland

Day 2 – Zebrzydowice staging post

Day 3 – Hungary/Slovenia border

Day 4 – Slovenia

Day 5 – Italian border 

Their findings and what you can do to help

ERF actively support WHW and WSPA  campaigns on the fight to end long haul live transport….please do something positive towards this today and sign the petition here…

 ‘Make a noise’ campaign petition

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