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Why? Because it’s our first AGM of course!

Unfortunately it looks as though many of you can’t join us if the flood of proxy votes is anything to go by! It’s reassuring to know that we have your backing and all your encouraging messages have been very motivating – THANK YOU!

For the few of you that haven’t yet used your proxy vote, please do send them in (with instructions how you would like it to be used) along with any questions you may have that you would like answered. If you want a look at the accounts summary before Friday, drop us an e-mail and we’ll send it to you.

In the meantime, do let us know if you can come and join us on Friday – we’d hate not to have enough chairs out!




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In an effort to understand the French equine market in more detail, we have been researching the origins of horsemeat available in supermarkets within the different departments of France. Our findings so far indicate that France is a mass producer of horses for meat, but a fair proportion of those are not slaughtered here in France, but transported to Italy.

The largest import of live horses into France comes from Poland….the largest export of live horses from France goes to Italy. Horses in the UK are still being exported to the rest of Europe live via the Ireland-France route, some taking the onward 4 day trip to Italy (or 2 day if EU transport regs are ignored).


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Unfortunately today was the day Titos lost his male trophies…..yes it was time for the little chap to be gelded!

Castrating donkeys is more risky than performing the procedure on horses as they have a tendency to bleed a lot more. The procedure was performed with Titos standing the whole time. All went very well and as you can see he soon got down to his favourite habit….munching!

Titos will spend a couple of weeks quietly recuperating before going off to his new home.

If you would further information on donkey castration please contact us.



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It was lovely to hear from Hugo’s adoptive family today with an update how brilliantly he is coming along.

Pippa and Hugo have formed such a trusting bond and all the patience and kindness she has shown towards him are paying off.

This once agressive and neglected pony has turned into an obliging friendly little chap and he and Pippa are enjoying hacking out and jumping logs together.

We wish them both an enjoyable summer having fun!

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ERF are delighted to report that they helped to facilitate the rescue and re-homing of a lovely 9 month old donkey called Annie last weekend.

Annie had been due to go to market the past weekend where her future would have been very uncertain – many of the foals from this market are taken straight for slaughter. Each year the farmer who owned Annie’s mother would breed a foal from her and then take the foal to be sold at market…weaning them that morning!

Luckily Annie was saved that distress and has found a wonderful home with her new owner in Brittany. The photo below was taken just 10 minutes after arriving home so you can see how relaxed and happy she is.

ERF would like to thank Diane who acted tirelessly on Annie’s behalf and to Annie’s new family Jennie and Simon, for giving her this chance of a new life. ERF will continue to campaign to stop the long distance live transport of all equines across Europe – little Annie is only one of the many thousands of animals facing this cruel trip.

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Last year ERF re-homed a lovely chestnut mare called Mavis to a family in the Charente. There was always a possibility that she could be pregnant as she had lived in a field with a Spanish colt. The vet scanned her in December and said that she wasn’t pregnant….but she kept getting bigger and bigger! They got the vet out again who performed an internal examination a couple of weeks ago and said “yes she was pregnant” and had about 4 months to go.

Mavis was looking rather bloated, to say the least, so we were delighted to hear that last Wednesday had given birth to a very beautiful colt foal.

Congratulations Mavis and your new baby boy!!


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Our first ever ERF AGM will be held on:

Friday 30th May at 7pm

at La Grande Galerie, Rue du Temple, 86400 Civray.

All Members are welcome to come and meet the ERF team and discuss our progress and plans. At the AGM, the current Conseil d’Administration steps down and the new Conseil d’Administration is elected from the Members by the Members. The current Conseil d’Administration will be standing for re-election. All Members over 18 years of age are eligible to stand for election and to vote. Any Member unable to attend on the night may elect a proxy to vote on their behalf at the meeting. We urge you to use your vote and ensure that this association continues to be managed effectively and efficiently. 

Full details and the necessary paperwork has been e-mailed to all our Members. We will send paper copies in the post to those for whom we do not have an e-mail address. Please contact us if you do not receive an invitation.

All Members wishing to stand for election must inform us before May 21st so we can then inform the rest of the Members. 

Please use your vote to safeguard the future of this association.


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