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We just wanted to extend a warm welcome to all our new friends coming across from Racecar (the motor sports electronic media specialists)! Thanks guys for the great write up and it’s always nice to talk to other rescuers. You’ll have to send us some photos of your rescues in action as it is always wonderful to see these horses enjoying their new lives. Thanks to Colin at Racing Green Cars for the intro.

Also, we want to say hi to everyone at This French Life and thank you for your lovely write up. We’ll be coming back to you to take you up on your offers of help!

With all our new friends arriving, it might just be an opportune time to remind you all of how your donations can help our work 🙂


20€ buys a wormer for one of our rescues or hay for a month

30€ pays for vaccinations

40€ pays for a farrier to visit or for the animal to be officially papered

200€ allows us to geld an animal before it is re-homed

500€ will help us to purchase, rehabilitate and re-home a donkey

600€ pays for our insurance for one year

1200 – 1500€ will enable us to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome a trotter

 You can donate in € or £ on Paypal – all the details are on our website


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Yesterday we attended the St Yrieix Horse Fair in the Dordogne.

There were some very sad cases at this years event and many of the equines were clearly not fit enough to be in this sort of enviroment.Here are our findings from the day and our latest little rescues…..

Past the bouncy castles and the tack shops as you walk through to the animal pens is the horse butcher van. It is run under the franchise of ;
http://www.viande-chevaline.fr/francais/production/index.html and explains about where their horsemeat is sourced, and the horses raised and bred for meat. It makes for interesting reading, and the fact of being pretty much the only way of preserving these heavy horse breeds by eating them is sadly true. The meat seems expensive in comparison with the equivalent cuts of beef, and it appears every product that is made from pork, lamb or beef, pate de tete, sausages, steaks, chops, black pudding etc is made from horsemeat as well. It does appear to be mostly French horses bred for meat and slaughtered in France.

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Christina Hernon, event organiser……..

The evening was a terrific success considering last minute hiccups, like the band cancelling due to illness.  ‘Nycot’ stepped in with some terrific Country and Western Songs with everyone singing and dancing along. The raffle books sold out on the night and with the book stall and small brocante we managed to raise over 1000 euros  for ERF. Jenny Lupton was busy with her ERF stall with photos and posters  showing some of the good work ERF have already achieved, also  promoting the rather attractive silver brooch which is now available on order.  We all felt that the evening was a great success and an enjoyable night was had by all.”

ERF would like to sincerely thank Christina and her husband (plus Christina’s friends) for all their hard work in organising this wonderful event. Thanks must also go to the band ‘Nycot’  who stepped in at the last minute and saved the day!


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The stork has visited again!!

In the early hours of Monday morning we welcomed into the world Sunrise’s beautiful new filly foal!

Sunrise and foal 6hrs old


Sunrise was rescued by Kathryn & Jon Dobson from the mushroom farm that shut down last year, which saw many of its horses sent for meat before we could intervene and help to save the remaining lucky ones. She came with a foal at foot and was pregnant again….this meant that the only abattoir for her would have been an Italian one.

Sunrise is being a very good and protective mother and her lovely little filly looks just like her with a big white star on her forehead.


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It has been brought to our attention that an Arab Stud farm in the Dordogne has been forced to sell all of its horses, approx. 50 mares,geldings and stallions of all ages. These horses are not in good condition so please bear this is mind before attending.

The sale will be held on April 30th at 10am. Any horses which do not reach a price of around 1000 euros are at risk of going for meat, these will probably include the older broodmares.

If you would like further information please contact Tiffany tiffanystacpoole@aol.com for English speakers or for French only contact Alexandre on 05 65 20 13 79. They have the complete stock list that can be sent by email.

We will attend on the sale day to also try and ensure that none of these horses end up on the wrong lorry!


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Congratulations to Christina! Almost all the tickets for next Saturday’s fundraiser (see below) have been sold and we are now opening the final few to ERF members who would like to join us for dinner at the members-only price of 20€! If you would like to  join in the fun and meet the ERF team, please contact Christina – full details are on our website (sorry – the blog site is refusing to allow us to link tonight!).

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In July 2007, Trina and Jon visited the now infamous fattening farm in Dept. 41 and brought home Fiona (a young donkey left alone in her field), Zorito (a handsome Spanish gelding) and Noisette (a gentle Breton mare). Noisette shared her field with two other well known rescues, Cybelle a lovely Percheron mare now living with Equine Market Watch a charity based in the UK and Lancia, a huge Percheron living with ERF member Rita.

Whilst we bought these animals privately, this was the trip that inspired the creation of Equine Rescue France.

When we purchased Noisette, we suspected that she was pregnant and wanted to save her from going for meat. Over her time with us she has proven to be a gentle mare mothering young Fiona whilst she herself grew ever larger.

On Saturday night (thankfully the first dry evening for many weeks), Noisette gave birth to a beautiful, healthy filly whom we have named Almonde….

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