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ERF have been asked to help a shetland in the Vendee region that has severely overgrown feet. The pony is elderly, about 26 years old and so we now have to talk to the owner, vets and farriers to see what options are going to be in the best interests of the pony. Irreparable and sometimes fatal damage can occur when the feet are neglected to this degree . Sadly there are many equines that we come across that could have been saved this suffering with regular hoof care.


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Update on reported eye case

We’re happy to report that we have found and spoken to the owner of the horse. She is 27, a much loved family pet and has had a tumour for 6 months. She is being cared for by a vet in nearby Ruffec and they are just waiting for her time to come as she is too old to be operated on now. We will continue offer our support to the family as they have a  difficult time ahead of them. In the meantime, the mare isn’t showing any signs of distress and has a good quality of life in her field beside her owner’s house.

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Behind the rescues…

At ERF we are regularly informed of possible welfare cases by our members and supporters. Often we need to find out more background information on the animals in order to assess whether the animals are simply ill and being cared for properly by their owners or whether they are being neglected and are truly in need of help.

At the weekend we were contacted via one of the French forums about a horse in Deux Sevres (79) with a severe eye infection / growth. As we have team members in the area, we visited on Sunday and took photos of the mare. We sent these photos to our vet who recommended that the eye is removed immediately and suggested that there may be a tumour behind the eye – this would require an operation which could be carried out in one of the Paris clinics. The Paris clinic was contacted and they would be able to operate and are sending their estimated cost to us today.

However, at this stage it is difficult to assess whether this is a welfare case or not – the mare may be neglected and being left to die, or she may be an elderly animal in the later stages of cancer who regularly sees a vet and whose owners are waiting for the right time to euthanise her. We can only find this out by contacting the owner and so the next stop is the Mairie to trace the owner. We believe we now know who owns her and will be trying to contact them tonight. Only then, will we know what course of action we should take next. We’ll keep you informed on our progress….

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Hugo has a new home!

  dscf0005.jpg       dscf0008.jpg        dscf0047.jpg

Last Saturday we delivered Hugo to his wonderful new home in the Limousin. We would like to thank everyone that made his rescue possible and his new family for offering this very special little chap the equally special home he deserved.Watch his arrival below…..

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The ticks have landed!!

Well you can always tell when summer’s just around the corner when the beastly ticks start their campaign of terror! It is paramount to inspect regularly for these little blighters as they can carry the deadly Pyroplasmosis or Lymes disease. The best way to get a tick off your horse if you find one is to use a tick tool, shown below, which you slide under the tick and carefully twist anti-clockwise until the tick releases. Be careful not to leave any part of the tick still attached to your horse! Ticks are notoriously hard to kill but you can drown or stab them….drastic for such small things but you don’t want them catching a ride again!! Here’s some photo’s taken today of ticks found on Cindy one of our rescued mares. They were found in her mane and around the base of her ear.


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Click here to go direct to our website giving useful information and contacts, including how to contact us.

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This week saw a new campaign hit the BBC headlines highlighting the plight animals suffer during long haul transport to abattoirs across Europe. The Spain to Italy route that horses often travel has a mention, which can only be a good thing for those of us campaigning to see legislation’s tightened up.

The ‘Handle with Care’ footage and the petition can be accessed here.

Please be aware there are some disturbing images.

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